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South Africa is a highly successful trophy hunting destination for both the bow hunter and the rifle hunter.
We have the philosophy of sustainable use of natural resources integrated with conservation.
The greatest variety of animals available for hunting in one country in Africa!
The number of game on private land is a estimated two and a half times more than the game on public land.
South Africa is the trophy hunters dream!
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NB Safaris is now offering unbelievable Buffalo hunts in the Zambezi Delta, Mozambique.
Come join us on the most incredible Cape Buffalo hunt you will be able to stand!!! With herds of up to 2000 animals our Trophy quality is hard to beat and with over 250 000 Acres of unfenced wilderness to hunt we have the opportunity to show you Africa the way it was.
There is also the opportunity at various other game including Leopard, Hippo, Sable, Crocodile and other Trophy game…
Be part of bringing value to the animals in this area by joining us on such a hunt! It is Africa the way it was with breath taking scenery and tough, hard rewarding hunting for Africa’s black death!  
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Safari Outfitter Neil Barnard is a dynamic young man with 20 years experience as a Professional Hunter and a passion for Africa. He has been hunting in Africa all his life.
Neil won his S.A. National colours in Bow Hunting (Springbok Colours) in 1992 and went on to win the World Bow Hunting Championships of that year, setting world records in all three classes. He has practised as a Professional Hunter since the age of 21, and became a licensed Safari Outfitter at 24. Neil is also a lecturer of the bow hunting classes at the South African National Hunting School.
"I have hunted many species in various locations all over Africa and can without a doubt say that the Republic of South Africa offers the best overall conditions to the dedicated trophy hunter anywhere. The reason for this being that it is the country where one finds the largest variety of game species within easily accessible areas, while taking advantage of the best infrastructure that exists in all of the continent."
On arrival at O. R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) you will be met by NB Safaris staff and transported to your lodge at the hunting concession. You will then travel comfortably with a four door pickup and you can expect to reach your destination within 3 hours.
The lodges used by NB Safaris are of the best quality and you can expect electricity, running water, hot water, great food, friendly staff and all the luxuries of a 4-star lodge.
You will be welcomed by the staff and then shown to your bungalow. After settling in we should be able to go for an afternoon drive or a short hunt! That night you will be introduced to South African cooking! And if you so choose, you might try the excellent wines… On the first morning, after a good rest ,we will start your hunt in full swing.
We leave camp (after coffee and cereal or toast) by hunting vehicle. If bow hunting, we will head for the blind.
You will have a Professional Hunter with you at all times! This Professional Hunter will help you make the right decisions… At so many Outfits the Client is left to make his own choices and more often than not, mistakes. In the blind you will have a cooler box with replenishments, this helps make the dull moments pass and if you would choose to stay out there at least you know there is no way of starving! If you are a rifle hunter we will be searching for game or tracks to pursue!
If a trophy is bagged we call for the recovery team and take your photographs! We have a form with descriptive measurements that need to be taken for your Taxidermist. These measurements will help your Taxidermist of choice do the best job possible!
From here the animal will be taken to the skinning shed where the skinners will do a great job of getting your cape and horns ready to be taken to the Taxidermist.
We head on out for the next great adventure and big trophy!
The meat will be utilized by the owner of the Hunting concession and distributed between the people in the area. We normally go back to camp for brunch and maybe a siesta. The afternoon hunt will be taken on with the same enthusiasm!
We get back at night to a welcoming camp fire and a great meal. You may choose to eat venison from the animals you have harvested. The venison here in Africa is exquisite.

Every night we have something to celebrate and every day you realize how great it is to be a part of Africa!
The only thing you will ever regret about an African trophy hunting safari, is not having done it!
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Hey Neil,
Just a quick note to let you know how much Cody and I enjoyed our stay with you last month. It was a trip he will remember the rest of his life. Johan was a fantastic PH and did a great job with Cody. He is a true professional hunter and made us amateurs look good. Hope Zelda is doing well. I guess it’s almost time for baby Johan to make his appearance. You and Debbie have much to be proud of there and I look forward to coming back in the future.
I’m so glad you recommended the trip to Botswana. The animal life along the river was amazing and the photos we took look like they should be in a magazine. Guts was a wonderful host and made sure every detail was taken care of for us.
Add Cody and I to your newsletter mailing list please.

Thanks again and Best Regards,  Don Hodge
Tours and Services
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Exiting tours available in the Southern part of Africa including destinations like Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Mozambique and Botswana.

Please click button on the right for more detail.
http://www.nbsafaris.co.za/NBS Tours/tours.html,[iframe]
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Details on Request
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Your trophies are the most tangible memories you will have of your African safari and for that reason we treat them in the most responsible way possible, starting the moment you harvest your trophy.

The skinning and preparation of your trophies for mounting is done by NB Safaris in the field and your fee takes you right up to the Taxidermist. Whether you would like your trophies mounted in South Africa and then shipped or shipped and then mounted in your country you would need to go thru a licensed Taxidermist.

Our skinners and skinning facilities have been approved by Nature Conservation and are put to full use to ensure the quality of your mounts.

The professional hunter will not sleep unless the skinning has been done!

We will ensure that your trophies get to our Taxidermy for mounting and the documentation is in order.

The skinning and preparation of your trophies for mounting is done by NB Safaris in the field and your fee takes you right up to the Taxidermist.

Whether you would like your trophies mounted in South Africa and then shipped or shipped and then mounted in your country you would need to go through a licensed Taxidermist.

The shipping is done by a shipping agent, for example SBS Logistics.

This information are just here for your help in ranging prices and although most of the trophies from NB Safaris have been going through African Expressions and SBS Logistics you are free to use any Taxidermy and Shipping agent of your choice.

SBS Logistics Pty Limited is situated in Jet Park, Johannesburg 5 minutes form Johannesburg International airport.

We offer a complete export service to the Taxidermists from collection of the trophies to getting the shipments delivered to their door worldwide.

Here is a list of what we provide.
• Collection of trophies.
• Applications for Export permits for plains game and Cites permits from
• Nature conservation.
• Custom Crating and Packing of trophies - raw salted or fully processed at the clients premises.
• Marine insurance.
• Customs - Import and Export
• Warehousing.
• Fumigation
• Competitive Airfreight and Seafreight Consolidations worldwide.
• Credit card payment system.
• Charges collect payment system.

Worldwide representation through our network of agents, all who have been involved in this commodity for the past 20 or more years.

SBS Logistics (Pty) Ltd
South Africa
Tel: +27 11 397 8627
Fax: +27 11 397 8681

If a client decides not to go with African Expressions Taxidermy:

• It is up to the clients Taxidermist to suggest a “Dip and Shipper” to collect the trophies from NB Safaris. (The best would be to find a Dip & Shipper in the Limpopo Province of South Africa)
• This “Dip and Shipper” needs to sign-off on the trophies before removing the trophies from the premises of NB Safaris.
• This needs to take place within 2 weeks of your last day hunting otherwise storage charges will be applicable.
• It is up to the “Dip and Shipper” to insure that he has all the paperwork with him before leaving the premises of NB Safaris.
• The client needs to bring his own tags and tag his own critters, you will need very good instructions from your Taxidermist to tell you what and how needs to be done.
• NB Safaris distance itself from any responsibility after the trophies have been collected within the 2 weeks as agreed on. After the 2 weeks have passed the responsibility will no longer be with NB Safaris and collection can only take place after the Storage has been paid up in full.
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Please click button on the right to view the latest News Letter.

Please feel free to download the News Letter to read at your leisure.
Click to Download File
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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Contact Us
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Please contact us at ObscureMyEmail3
Neil Barnard
Mobile +27 83 391 1646 PO BOX 1, Sterkrivier, Limpopo Province, South Africa, 0630
Fax +27 15 453 9903

Auto Reply
Thank you for your recent enquiry. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Signature (Supports HTML)
Kind Regards
NB Safaris
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Frequently Asked Questions
• You can book your hunt through Neil or through his office staff. If you would like, I can assist you with this process as well. Let us know at this time if you are a rifle hunter or a bow hunter.
• E-mail your completed reservation forms to NB Safaris . Include as much information as you can as it will help them serve you better.
• Wire your deposit to the account of Neil Barnard. The banking information is in your NB Safaris folder. The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your final account at the completion of your safari.
• Secure a U S passport or make sure you’re not up against needing a renewal. This can be a lengthy process so please don’t wait until the last minute.
Check with a travel doctor for recommendations regarding inoculations. (You may want to ask your doctor for the name of a travel doctor). Do this as soon as possible, since a series of shots may be needed. Be prepared for some costs. A prescription for Malaria tablets and at least some inoculations can be anticipated in some cases.
Make travel arrangements. Consider a travel agency if you’re not completely confident in your abilities to book your international travel on your own.
Most hunts with NB Safaris have 7 full days.
A date suggested would normally look as follows: 1 – 9 March. The 1st would be your arrival date and the 9th your departure date for example: on the 1st you would need to arrive in the late afternoon at O.R Tambo international airport (Johannesburg, South Africa)
This is where a representative from NB Safaris will collect you. Then on the 9th you will need to schedule your departure flight, in the evening from the same airport.
I highly recommend purchasing the travel insurance through the airline. It’s a small price to pay when you book your flights well in advance. Life can be unpredictable.
Check your medical insurance policy and make arrangements for international coverage if it is not already included.
• Purchase or borrow a heavy plastic or metal gun case, as this will be required by the airline.
• Ammunition needs to be packed separately in a lockable container and can go in your carry-on bags.
• Please check with the suggested VIP assist group on what is allowed (amount/weight and more)
Decide on your hunting weapon appropriate for the game you’re planning to hunt. Neil recommends for African game nothing less than a 30 caliber firearm with 180gr bullets in a premium soft. You are allowed two rifles and we strongly suggest that you bring a backup rifle. The most popular rifle in Africa right now is a 375 H&H shooting a 300gr premium soft.
Bringing firearms is a walk in the park as long as all of your documentation is in order.
• Passport photo page in a clear scan showing your image (notarized)
• South Africa Police form (SAPS520), with the required portions completed
• A copy of your flight itinerary
• An Invitation Letter from the outfitter (this is the included in your NB Safaris folder)
• Your US 4457 customs form (notarized)
• Cash for the VIP assist.
Any official with the right to notarize may validate your documents.
An US customs form will be given to you prior to landing in South Africa. This form asks for your destination in SA. The information you may use is:
NB Safaris, Farm Rietfontein, Sterkrivier, Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Rifles and ammunition are available for rent through NB Safaris should you choose as well. Please check with Neil on what is available, pricing, terms and conditions and more.
If you expect to need electrical service (to recharge camera, camcorder or shaver batteries, or use a hair dryer), an adapter and voltage converter will be needed. They can be found on amazon.com as well as Radio Shack at about $20-25 each.
With years of experience in the hunting industry we have come to the conclusion that it is best to have your taxidermy mounted in South Africa and then shipped. The trophies on our clients walls represent their hunt therefor it is in our best interest to make sure they are of the highest quality. NB Safaris highly recommends using African Expressions for all your Taxidermy needs when hunting Africa.
To contact African Expressions please email: africanexpresst@gmail.com
• The two premier ways of payment would be wire or credit card.
• Personal checks are also accepted.
• Although we accept travelers checks they are hard to find these days and are outdated. Banks are trying to phase them out and we do not suggest this route.
• Cash is accepted.
NB Safaris along with African expression accept credit cards. Due to fees we are only able to process Visa or Master Cards unfortunately.
You need to contact your bank prior to coming over and inform them that you will be in South Africa along with potentially using their card. Note: The amount charged will need to be converted to rand. There will be a 2.5% charge for the use of the facility.
Please realize that your booking is not a confirmation and the dates are not reserved for you until NB Safaris has received the following items:
Completed Reservation Forms
Color Copies of the picture pages from your passports
Please submit a copy of your flight itinerary to NB Safaris no less than five months from the date of your reserved Safari.
Here’s a suggested packing list for you to consider when loading your luggage for the upcoming African Safari:
• Passport
• Flight Itinerary/Confirmation Number
• Binoculars (spotting scopes are not needed)
• Range finder (if you have one, but not needed)
• Two to three sets of hunting clothing in neutral colors. Lightweight and breathable are preferred. Long sleeves help prevent sunburn but can be rolled up and the safari style pants have the ability to zip off the lower leg and create shorts. (Laundry is done every second day). Temperatures can vary from 30-85F. Imagine hunting in Southern California. That is how it would be like. Camouflage is permitted and also suggested.
• Two hunting hats (spare in case of rain, you’ll always have a dry one to wear)
• Two pair of boots (same rationale as the hats, nobody likes hiking in wet boots)
• Camera/video camera with extra tapes/cards
• Backpack/Fanny pack
• Extra room for Souvenirs!
• Weapon(s) of choice and ammunition
• Extra socks
• Rain gear (We only suggest this for the months that have an “R” in it.)
• Power Adaptor and Converter to charge electronics
• Chargers for your electronics/phone
• Extra batteries for anything you’re bringing
• Reading material if you wanted to relax a little in the afternoon
• Write down the “collect call” numbers on the back of any credit cards you’re bringing.
• Sun block
• Sunglasses
• Headphones for in-flight movies/music
• Prescription Medicine
• Lip Balm (SPF 15+)
• Bathroom Items
• Deodorant
• Soap
• Shampoo/Conditioner
• Toothbrush/Toothpaste
• Q-Tips
• Razor/Shave Cream
• Dental Floss
• Antibacterial Wipes
• Glasses/Contacts and Solution
• Bottled Water, Insect Repellant, and First Aid Kits will be provided
It is suggested that you include copies of these items in with your checked luggage.
• Copy of passport
• Copy of your driver’s license and other ID
• Copy of completed SAPS520 Form
• Copy of airline ticket
• Copy of Invitation Letter from NB Safaris
• Copy of US4457 Custom Form
• Copy of your air travel itinerary
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