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  • Hunt Against Hunger
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    The HUNT AGAINST HUNGER program is a collaboration between NB Safaris and Blessman International. These two entities have partnered together to ensure that the exceptional hunting experience provided by NB Safaris, is further enhanced through Blessman International’s desire to feed deserving children who would normally go without a nutritious meal.

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  • Hunting South Africa
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    South Africa is a highly successful trophy hunting destination for both the bow hunter and the rifle hunter.
    We have the philosophy of sustainable use of natural resources integrated with conservation.
    The greatest variety of animals available for hunting in one country in Africa!
    The number of game on private land is a estimated two and a half times more than the game on public land.
    South Africa is the trophy hunters dream!
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  • Hunting Mozambique
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    NB Safaris is now offering unbelievable Buffalo hunts in the Zambezi Delta, Mozambique. Come join us on the most incredible Cape Buffalo hunt you will be able to stand!!! With herds of up to 2000 animals our Trophy quality is hard to beat and with over 250 000 Acres of unfenced wilderness to hunt we have the opportunity to show you Africa the way it was.
    There is also the opportunity at various other game including Leopard, Hippo, Sable, Crocodile and other Trophy game…
    Be part of bringing value to the animals in this area by joining us on such a hunt! It is Africa the way it was with breath taking scenery and tough, hard rewarding hunting for Africa’s black death!  
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  • Hunting Zimbabwe
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    NB Safaris is now offering unbelievable hunts in Zimbabwe. Our Trophy quality is hard to beat and with over 200 000 Acres of unfenced wilderness to hunt we have the opportunity to show you Africa the way it was.
    There is also the opportunity at various other game including Leopard, Hippo, Sable, Crocodile and other Trophy game…
    Be part of bringing value to the animals in this area by joining us on such a hunt!  
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  • Non-Hunting Excursions
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    Exiting tours available in the Southern part of Africa including destinations like Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Mozambique and Botswana.
  • References
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    Hey Neil,
    Just a quick note to let you know how much Cody and I enjoyed our stay with you last month. It was a trip he will remember the rest of his life. Johan was a fantastic PH and did a great job with Cody. He is a true professional hunter and made us amateurs look good. Hope Zelda is doing well. I guess it’s almost time for baby Johan to make his appearance. You and Debbie have much to be proud of there and I look forward to coming back in the future.
    I’m so glad you recommended the trip to Botswana. The animal life along the river was amazing and the photos we took look like they should be in a magazine. Guts was a wonderful host and made sure every detail was taken care of for us.
    Add Cody and I to your newsletter mailing list please.

    Thanks again and Best Regards,  Don Hodge

Hunting Packages - South Africa

Plains Game Adventure

Includes hunter's choice of five or seven animals
Hunters may only harvest one of each selected species.
Huntable Species Available: Kudu (Up to 50"), Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Baboon, Ostrich, Steenbuck, Duiker

6,750 (5 Animals)

7,750 (7 Animals)

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Up to 50”
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Blue Wildebeest
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Stacks Image p54868_n28
Stacks Image p54868_n31
Stacks Image p54868_n34
Stacks Image p54868_n37
Stacks Image p54868_n40
Stacks Image p54868_n43
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Cape Buffalo and Sable

Includes Buffalo up to 38" and Sable up to 38"

From 16,250

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Cape Buffalo
Up to 38”
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Up to 38”
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Cody Gougler, Assistant Athletic Director for Development, US Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation, has recognized NB Safaris for their support of Air Force Academy Athletics. NB Safaris was highly visible at the 2016 fund raising banquet held at the Cheyenne Mountain Inn and Country Club in Colorado Springs. 375 people attended the inaugural fund raising banquet. NB Safaris donated two hunts for auction, each of which went for record amounts. The hunts were listed as top-tier items and valued as priceless. NB Safaris are members of the Falcon Pride Club.

Mr Gougler stated, “The hunts were instrumental in helping us achieve a record of $ 1.5 million this past year. We greatly thank Neil Barnard and NB Safaris and are looking forward to a continuing relationship.” Cody added, “We estimate that next year’s fund raiser will draw 450 supporters, in part due to the high quality donations.”
Commenting on his decision to support Air Force Academy Athletics, Neil stated, “The majority of our clients come from the US. The Air Force Academy is a key element in producing leaders of character. We are pleased to be able support them, and in the greater sense, our client base.”

If you’d like to bid on a hunt, and support your Air Force Academy at the same time, please contact us. We will get you connected with Mr Gougler and his staff.

Go Falcons!
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For information regarding hosting NB Safaris hunts at your fundraising event, or donations for your fundraising event, please contact our Director of Sales and Marketing, Luke Gerhart, and he can assist you.


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Big Five - South Africa

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Cape Buffalo
From $10,500
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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