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    Safari Outfitter Neil Barnard is a dynamic young man with 20 years experience as a Professional Hunter and a passion for Africa. He has been hunting in Africa all his life.

    Neil won his S.A. National colours in Bow Hunting (Springbok Colours) in 1992 and went on to win the World Bow Hunting Championships of that year, setting world records in all three classes. He has practised as a Professional Hunter since the age of 21, and became a licensed Safari Outfitter at 24. Neil is also a lecturer of the bow hunting classes at the South African National Hunting School.

    "I have hunted many species in various locations all over Africa and can without a doubt say that the Republic of South Africa offers the best overall conditions to the dedicated trophy hunter anywhere. The reason for this being that it is the country where one finds the largest variety of game species within easily accessible areas, while taking advantage of the best infrastructure that exists in all of the continent."
  • Arrival
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    On arrival at O. R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) you will be met by NB Safaris staff and transported to your lodge at the hunting concession.

    You will then travel comfortably with a four door pickup and you can expect to reach your destination within 3 hours.

  • Lodge
    You may choose to eat venison from the animals you have harvested.
    — NB Safaris
    The lodges used by NB Safaris are of the best quality and you can expect electricity, running water, hot water, great food, friendly staff and all the luxuries of a 4-star lodge.

    You will be welcomed by the staff and then shown to your bungalow. After settling in we should be able to go for an afternoon drive or a short hunt! That night you will be introduced to South African cooking! And if you so choose, you might try the excellent wines… On the first morning, after a good rest ,we will start your hunt in full swing.

    We leave camp (after coffee and cereal or toast) by hunting vehicle. If bow hunting, we will head for the blind.

  • Itinerary
    Every day you realize how great it is to be a part of Africa!
    — NB Safaris
    You will have a Professional Hunter with you at all times! This Professional Hunter will help you make the right decisions… At so many Outfits the Client is left to make his own choices and more often than not, mistakes. In the blind you will have a cooler box with replenishments, this helps make the dull moments pass and if you would choose to stay out there at least you know there is no way of starving! If you are a rifle hunter we will be searching for game or tracks to pursue!

    If a trophy is bagged we call for the recovery team and take your photographs! We have a form with descriptive measurements that need to be taken for your Taxidermist. These measurements will help your Taxidermist of choice do the best job possible!

    From here the animal will be taken to the skinning shed where the skinners will do a great job of getting your cape and horns ready to be taken to the Taxidermist.

    We head on out for the next great adventure and big trophy!

    The meat will be utilized by the owner of the Hunting concession and distributed between the people in the area. We normally go back to camp for brunch and maybe a siesta. The afternoon hunt will be taken on with the same enthusiasm!

    We get back at night to a welcoming camp fire and a great meal. You may choose to eat venison from the animals you have harvested. The venison here in Africa is exquisite.

    Every night we have something to celebrate and every day you realize how great it is to be a part of Africa!

    The only thing you will ever regret about an African trophy hunting safari, is not having done it!
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Hunting Packages - South Africa

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Plains Game Adventure

Includes hunter's choice of five or seven animals
Hunters may only harvest one of each selected species.
Huntable Species Available: Kudu (Up to 50"), Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Baboon, Ostrich, Steenbuck, Duiker

6,750 (5 Animals)

7,750 (7 Animals)

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Up to 50”
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Blue Wildebeest
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Cape Buffalo and Sable

Includes Buffalo up to 38" and Sable up to 38"

From 16,250

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Cape Buffalo
Up to 38”
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Up to 38”
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