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  • NB Safaris Deposit Policy and Schedule
    It is the policy of NB Safaris to collect a booking deposit of $1000 per hunter at the time of booking to secure the hunting dates requested by the client. This deposit is applicable to any trophy fees accumulated with NB Safaris during the course of the client's safari. This deposit can be added to at any time during the period up to the safari, with 100% of the deposit remaining as credit for the client.

    Exceptions to the $1000 rule are when booking a package or handwritten special deal. To lock these opportunities in, a 50% deposit is required at least six months prior to the date of the hunt unless otherwise stated by NB Safaris.

    Standard Deposit Policy Sightsee Deposits are non-refundable. We book your trip as soon as we receive funds.

    11 Months or More from date of hunt
    100% of Deposit is retained to reschedule hunt dates 75% of Deposit is refundable

    6-11 months from date of hunt
    75% of Deposit is retained to reschedule hunt dates 25% of Deposit is refundable

    Within 6 months from date of hunt
    50% of Deposit is retained to reschedule hunt dates No Refunds available within 6 months

    We understand life can happen and things come up, that is why we at NB Safaris always suggest trip insurance through your travel agency to protect not only your airfare, but your deposit in the event that something like this does come up and clients have to reschedule their hunting dates with us.

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Waiver and Indemnity

I do hereby declare that I am older than twenty-one (21) years of age and that my participation in any hunting, game viewing, bird watching, hiking, camping or other commercial, recreational or sporting activities of any nature (“the activities”) involving any land, vehicle, airplane or other asset of NB Safaris (Pty)Ltd, Neil Barnard, or their agents (herein after referred to as NB Safaris) shall at all times be subject to the following acknowledgements and conditions:
1. I fully appreciate the nature of the risks associated with my participation in the activities, in particular the risks associated with the conveyance of people in open vehicle and or airplane in rough terrain, walking over uneven ground and my proximity to a deep swiftly flowing rocky river, loaded firearms, knives and other weapons, thorn-bearing trees and shrubs, inhospitable outdoor conditions, unpurified water and dangerous or poisonous wild animals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants and in general, situations that could be associated with Africa;
2. I acknowledge that I shall participate in the activities voluntary and at my sole and absolute risk and that NB Safaris cannot exercise any control whatsoever over the negligent or wilful acts or omissions of other parties participating in the activities; 3. I have been advised and record that I shall be fully entitled to decline to participate in any of the activities in my absolute discretion; 4. I undertake without question to comply immediately with every lawful instruction issued to me by NB Safaris and by any employee or representative of NB Safaris and to adhere strictly to the safety rules and directives of NB Safaris; 5. I hereby waive all claims against NB Safaris arising from the loss of /or damage to any goods under my control or arising from my injury or death during the course of my participation in the activities;
6. I indemnify NB Safaris and all employees and representative of NB Safaris against all claims (including claims by my dependants)arising from the loss of /or damage to any goods belonging to or controlled by me or arising from any injury of death during the course of my participation in the activities; 7. I also indemnify NB Safaris and the employees and representative of NB Safaris as well as their dependants against any loss, damage or injury which they may suffer as a result of any act or omission on my part; 8. I declare that I am in good health, physically fit and capable of withstanding the rigorous nature of the activities, that I have taken (or alternatively have personally decided to dispense with) full medical advice before undertaking the activities. 9. I have been informed and take note that my hunt and other activities on my Safari to Africa could be photographed and/ or recorded electronically on video or digitally. I declare that this material could be used by NB Safaris and affiliated business partners to be: a. Reproduced; b. Sold for gain; and c. Used in newsletters, marketing, general displays and in any means seem fit by NB Safaris and affiliated business partners.
I herewith give permission for all the above mentioned actions and declare that I will have no claim of any nature in regards to the above mentioned.
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Hunting Packages - South Africa

Download Hunting Packages
Download SA Price List

Cape Buffalo and Sable

Includes Buffalo up to 38" and Sable up to 38"


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Cape Buffalo
Up to 38”
Stacks Image p30405_n16
Up to 38”

Big Five - South Africa

Hint: Hover/touch image to reveal specie and price

Download SA Price List
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Cape Buffalo
From $14,500
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Plains Game Adventure

Includes hunter's choice of five or seven animals
Hunters may only harvest one of each selected species.
Huntable Species Available: Kudu (Up to 50"), Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Baboon, Ostrich, Steenbuck, Duiker

6,500 (5 Animals)

7,500 (7 Animals)

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Up to 50”
Stacks Image p30406_n12
Stacks Image p30406_n13
Blue Wildebeest
Stacks Image p30406_n20
Stacks Image p30406_n23
Stacks Image p30406_n26
Stacks Image p30406_n29
Stacks Image p30406_n32
Stacks Image p30406_n35
Stacks Image p30406_n38
Stacks Image p30406_n41
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