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  • Taxidermy
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    Your trophies are the most tangible memories you will have of your African safari and for that reason we treat them in the most responsible way possible, starting the moment you harvest your trophy.

    The skinning and preparation of your trophies for mounting is done by NB Safaris in the field and your fee takes you right up to the Taxidermist. Whether you would like your trophies mounted in South Africa and then shipped or shipped and then mounted in your country you would need to go thru a licensed Taxidermist.

    Our skinners and skinning facilities have been approved by Nature Conservation and are put to full use to ensure the quality of your mounts.

    The professional hunter will not sleep unless the skinning has been done! We will ensure that your trophies get to our Taxidermy for mounting and the documentation is in order.
  • Logistics
    We offer a complete export service from collection to shipments worldwide.
    — SBS Logistics
    The shipping is done by a shipping agent, for example SBS Logistics.

    This information are just here for your help in ranging prices and although most of the trophies from NB Safaris have been going through African Expressions and SBS Logistics you are free to use any Taxidermy and Shipping agent of your choice.

    SBS Logistics Pty Limited is situated in Jet Park, Johannesburg 5 minutes form Johannesburg International airport.

    We offer a complete export service to the Taxidermists from collection of the trophies to getting the shipments delivered to their door worldwide.

    Here is a list of what we provide:
    Collection of trophies.
    Applications for Export permits for plains game and Cites permits from
    Nature conservation.
    Custom Crating and Packing of trophies - raw salted or fully processed at the clients premises.
    Marine insurance.
    Customs - Import and Export
    Competitive Airfreight and Seafreight Consolidations worldwide.
    Credit card payment system.
    Charges collect payment system.

    Worldwide representation through our network of agents, all who have been involved in this commodity for the past 20 or more years.

    SBS Logistics (Pty) Ltd
    South Africa
    Tel: +27 11 397 8627
    Fax: +27 11 397 8681
  • Alternative Arrangements
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    If a client decides not to go with African Expressions Taxidermy:

    It is up to the clients Taxidermist to suggest a “Dip and Shipper” to collect the trophies from NB Safaris. (The best would be to find a Dip & Shipper in the Limpopo Province of South Africa)
    This “Dip and Shipper” needs to sign-off on the trophies before removing the trophies from the premises of NB Safaris.
    This needs to take place within 2 weeks of your last day hunting otherwise storage charges will be applicable.
    It is up to the “Dip and Shipper” to insure that he has all the paperwork with him before leaving the premises of NB Safaris.
    The client needs to bring his own tags and tag his own critters, you will need very good instructions from your Taxidermist to tell you what and how needs to be done.
    NB Safaris distance itself from any responsibility after the trophies have been collected within the 2 weeks as agreed on. After the 2 weeks have passed the responsibility will no longer be with NB Safaris and collection can only take place after the Storage has been paid up in full.
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Plains Game Adventure

Includes hunter's choice of five or seven animals
Hunters may only harvest one of each selected species.
Huntable Species Available: Kudu (Up to 50"), Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Baboon, Ostrich, Steenbuck, Duiker

6,990 (5 Animals)

7,990 (7 Animals)

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Up to 50”
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Blue Wildebeest
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Big Five - South Africa

Hint: Hover/touch image to reveal specie and price

Download SA Price List
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Cape Buffalo
From $10,500
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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